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Three bedroom have been constructed at various locations in The Village. The three bedroom apartments differ in layout and size. Several three bedroom apartments have a spacious garden and others have a balcony. Morning sun or rather enjoy the sun in the afternoon?

The feature of the three bedroom apartment is that there is three separate bedrooms. All three bedroom apartments are finished with a basic finish that may vary slightly in color / detail.


For more detailed information please click on the banners on the right side.

On the banner "pricelist" you can find the three bedroom apartments through the column "Bedrooms". The three bedroom apartments are marked with the number 3.

In the column "Apartment code" of the pricelist you will find a code.

The following link "Floorplans" will take you to the floor plans of the three bedroom apartments. At the bottom right you will find the codes corresponding to the price list.

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